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Did you know you can starve fat by controlling its blood supply? Did you know the food you eat can feed or starve a cancerous tumor? Study the chart below. It is extremely important.

William Li - TedTalks

William Li – TedTalks

I listened to William Li on TedTalks recently and came across this graph. His talk, Can we eat to starve cancer?, Li speaks about angiogenesis.

Essentially the ability to stop cancerous cells from growing into tumors by controlling their blood supply. Angiogenesis is very established tool in the fight against cancer and some of the most well-known drugs in the world have been developed based on this approach. What was absolutely amazing to me, is the stopping power of plant-based ingredients.

Vitamin E outperforms the greatest drugs on earth. Tea, spices, citrus, berries combined blow away any man-made attempt to kill tumors!

William Li - TedTalks

William Li – TedTalks

In the chart above, Li used the same approach, angiogenesis, to control weight. He successfully manipulated the weight of a mouse by turning on and off the blood flow to fat cells. Fat, like tumors, needs a steady blood supply.

As I researched, (google: fat blood supply), I found pages of headlines. THE NEW WEAPON TO FIGHT OBESITY: an experimental drug that attacks blood supply of fat tissueDrug cuts off fat-tissue blood supply in monkeys and mice New Drug Cuts Blood Supply To Fat Cells For Weight Loss.

Not one mention of the plant-based ingredients that are equally effective in controlling angiogenesis.

It’s a true failure of our entire health system. There simply is no money in promoting the obvious.

There is however big money in promoting drugs and supplements. The top chart shows Vitamin E as the clear winner, the most effective means to stop blood flow to tumors. So naturally you are inclined to rush out and start your mega dose of Vitamin E. But just like anything, mega doses of anything are not the solution. Supplements are not going to provide you with health. Rule of thumb, if you can’t get it in your food naturally a pill ain’t gonna do it. Take a look at the recent research showing 70% increase in prostate cancer risk for people taking fish oils. Literally, one year ago you would have thought fish oils were going to save the world.

A balanced plant-based diet will provide everything you need. In fact, Li showed an example of the synergy of combining plant-based foods to achieve exponential effects. We cannot measure the power of eating a wide range of vegetables.

Foods rich in Vitamin E: Greens, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Kale, Nuts, Red Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Wheat.

It has been said over and over. Eating a well-balanced, organic, plant-based diet provides your body with the exact nutrients it needs to defend itself from diseases. It is only when you are out of balance that cancers, obesity, heart disease can promote themselves.

William Li - TedTalks

William Li – TedTalks