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Visual Excitement via CK Juices

Visual Excitement via CK Juices

A few times a year I like to drop solid food for a bit and reset my system.  I generally run a strict plant-based diet but I found myself taking liberties through the holidays.

Taking a break on solids reminds my stomach who is in charge. 

If you don’t behave, I won’t feed you…

A food fast can be done several different ways.  A pure fast, relying solely on water, I have not attempted.  With my work and play schedule I am not sure it fits my lifestyle.  I have done green juices in the past, making my own juice at home in my Omega Juicer; however this requires a pretty significant time devotion.  Not to mention a pile of vegetables and fruits.  The average 12 ounce juice contains 2-3 pounds of veggies and you need at least 5 juices a day.  Simply procuring 15 pounds of vegetables a day is a challenge!

I have written about my favorite restaurant before, Christopher’s Kitchen, in Palm Beach Gardens, in a blog titled: Christopher’s Kitchen = Plant Based Creativity.  The owner and chef, Chris Slawson, spends each and every day delivering an alternative to the regular nutritionally devoid restaurant experience.  His menu is constantly changing and the spectrum of tastes is unlimited.


I was happy to find that Christopher’s Kitchen also supplies juice cleanses.  So I dedicated three days to juice.  The first morning I drove over to CK to pick up my juices and Chris handed me a 15 pound bag.  Chris mentioned to me his juices contain 3-5 pounds of vegetables and fruit per juice and if he adds water he lists it as an ingredient.  For a complete menu of his Juice & Smoothies click link.

One day supply of Christopher's Kitchen juices.

One day supply of Christopher’s Kitchen juices.

The thrill of opening a package never gets old.  Steve Jobs perfected it by reworking over and over the box in which your Apple product arrives.  He also took great pride in the “guts” of his products, knowing full well that most people would never see the insides.

Like Steve Jobs, Chris is equally passionate about his juices and the quality of ingredients in each juice is next to none.

I dispatched the juices into my office fridge and I was visually excited to get started.  I labeled each bottle 1 through 15 with a Sharpie.  I had not eaten since the evening before and my stomach was looking for a friend.


I sent down the first mixture named, Youthful: cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, apple mint, lime.  Mint and lime were an excellent idea and made my own green juice recipe taste like lawn mower leftovers.  (Note: I could have started my day with Awaken but I had already Sharpied everything).  I will spare you the entire day, but each of the 5 different juices was perfect and I never felt I was lacking hard food.  In fact, I felt satisfied.

Day One, Juice On!

Day One, Juice On!

I liked the idea of visualizing my entire juice cleanse from 1 – 15.  When I run long distances I like to pick a halfway point.  I can’t stand running laps.  The ability to see the entire course in my refrigerator made the process easy versus three repetitive days of fasting.

Have you ever had your phone or computer lock up.  The only way to reset it is to completely power down and then fire it up again.

Sometimes your body and mind need to RESET.    Three years ago my cardiologist explained to me that four of my arteries were blocked at 95%.  Obviously, that was a reset moment.  It was time to completely rework the lifestyle that lead me to a quadruple bypass surgery.  We all have similar problems and face constant health threats throughout our lives.  Granted we cannot control every single threat, but you can control your attitude; and a positive attitude with a plan of action is a win-win approach to any problem.

We all would benefit greatly from a reset.   Take a long hard look at the issues facing your mental and physical well-being.   The first step to any makeover is to start fresh.

Your choice...

Your choice…

The 72 hours flew by.  At no point did I feel panicky.  I did find myself staring in the refrigerator the last evening; not eating, just quietly imagining how good a bowl of beans would taste.  I had a headache the third morning, likely from skipping my morning coffee but it passed.  I was very energetic throughout the fast and managed a couple five-mile runs and Bikram yoga each day.  Day four I was ready to eat but waited until dinner to enjoy my first bite; it was delicious.

Fast forward.  The cleanse was a perfect kick-start to moving the needle back to my ideal diet.  I have since added back super clean food and keeping the rations small.  I still enjoy a juice in the morning and remain hydrated throughout the day.

Overall, Christopher’s Kitchen supplied me with all the nutrients necessary to run a successful juice cleanse.  In fact, my mouth waters at the wide array of tastes each juice provided.  Having a professional chef prepare the cleanse was the clincher and eliminated three days of excuses; running around Whole Foods looking for veggies.   Simply put, it was fun.

If you live in the Palm Beach Gardens area, I recommend this cleanse highly.

Click this link for more on Christopher’s Kitchen Juice Cleanse

Chris Slawson

Chris Slawson

Thanks Chris, Ian.