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In less than a minute, you are going to rid yourself of life’s greatest fear. 

Read the following 5 steps:

1. You are going to hold your breath for a bit, as long as you comfortably can.

2. You are going to close your eyes, take a huge breath in and think; ‘this is my last breath on earth.’

3. Then think of the most important people in your life, all the people you love and how much you would miss them.  Hold your breath and take the seconds you have to tell them everything you need.

4. Take a deep breath in and savior the fact that you are alive.

5.  In your own way, appreciate all those people you thought of in your last seconds.

Ready?   Take a deep inhale, close your eyes…

Welcome back.  How did that first breath feel?

This exercise is powerful.  I thought it up this morning at my 6am Bikram Yoga class.  I arrived 20 minutes early and the studio was dark and empty.  I laid on my matt and was thinking about a dream I had 30 minutes before, when I was in my bed.  I can’t completely recall the dream but I was trying to communicate to my son and wife.  They could not hear me and I was panicking.

I began to think about our last moments of life.  I have to think the majority of us will have a moment, when we know the time has come, and the last few breaths are passing across our lungs.  Yes, this is a sad thought and it is something I would rather not think about.  But the fact is, I think about the end.  I assume most of us do.

Life is full of these last moments.  The couple in Pompeii, found embracing as the ash filled their lungs.  The lone man standing in front of the Thailand tsunami, one hundred yards between him and the entire ocean.

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I often think about the men and women that died on 9/11.  Particularly, the people who had to jump from the World Trade Towers.  I try to place myself in those final moments, falling at 125 mph.

For me, the regret of not having a few more minutes to share with my loved ones will be in those final thoughts.

So why not practice our dying breath?  Why does it have to be a random moment in time, uncontrollable?

My point is, take a few seconds today and practice your dying breath.

You will take 20,000 breaths today.  Pick one of them to practice with.  Identify those people in your life that you will think about in those last seconds.  You have created a second chance.  Tell them about it.

Once you have done this, relax.  When the moment comes, you are prepared and you have no regrets.

Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life. – Giovanni Papini