Who Am I, Why Am I Here? Ian Welch

Why am I writing a blog?

I want to share a secret with you.  I wish someone had shared it with me.

Eat Plants.  Lots of them.

My personal issue began with a very gradual increase in body weight from 200 to a high of 235 pds.  My blood pressure was consistently increasing as well.  I did not suffer a heart attack but had all the classic signs of angina.  I noticed most of the symptoms during my frequent exercise.  I could not run more than a quarter of a mile without walking.  I was not out of breath, I just could not go further.  Another very telling sign was the increase in my neck size of a three to four year period.  I frequently would get flushing in my face, particularly when I was stressed.

The fact is exercise saved my life.  Without noticing the symptoms I would likely have had a massive heart attack some years later.

235 pds / 262 Total Cholesterol / 145:110 Blood Pressure,   December 2010

Quadruple Bypass Surgery   March 23, 2011

Alicia started us on a Plant Based diet the first week out of the hospital.


198 pds / 153 Total Cholesterol  / 105:75 Blood Pressure   December 2011


17 thoughts on “Who Am I, Why Am I Here? Ian Welch”

  1. rawrebecca said:

    You are proof that eating plant-based works! 🙂

  2. Nancy Arnold said:

    I am glad to be on your site and looking forward to your input and help!

    • Awesome Nancy. We are here to help. Good luck with the new program, it is so easy. Alicia has it down to a science. You riding up on Jupiter Island this weekend?

  3. I read every one of your blogs last night. The picture you posted post surgery has done more than anything I have read previously to push me in the right direction. Got that glass of water your dog recommended; went for a walk this morning and have pulled out Dr. Esselstyn’s book once more. 3 small steps in a long journey, but it is a start. Thank you!!

    • You made my day. I never imagined what good came out of the surgery. I just wish I could motivate someone prior to going through it. I look forward to learning more about you, it seems you already had Dr. Essy’s book so you probably have a pretty good idea what to do. Thank you for taking the time to make me smile.


  4. Besides your surgery picture, two of your posts really stood out – Turn around
    & face your fears and Ignoring your health issues and the moose. I have stood in recovery with a close family member after the same surgery, horrified with what they had gone through, but over time that image faded. Being the only member of my immediate family that hasn’t had an “event” I have been burying my head in the sand. I guess we like to fool ourselves into believing we will be the exception. You are right on though when you say it is what you think about late at night in bed and deep down know your health is not right. Medication also gives us a false sense of security. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings and fears. That can’t be easy.

  5. Ian, I am 35 soon to be 36 and I am looking for a way to reduce my weight without any exterem diets or taking pills. I have a 1 year old boy and hoping for a scond baby soon. I am inspired by your story and transformation after your surgery. Where can I find more info on the plant based diet? Thank you in advance for your help.

    • You have a lot to live for Sunny. So do I. That is the first step. Believe it or not, I dont think many people want to live better.

      There are a lot of labels for Plant Based. It is not a diet. It is simply eating food that is food. A bean is a bean. No pesticides, no preservatives. Your meals should have less ingredients than the fingers on your hands. Fat is a big part, dairy, animal protein, etc have shown to be highly toxic to our systems.

      Step one: watch Forks Over Knives. Step two: read To Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease… Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Those two acts should give you enough to get going. The results are immediate. You will see differences within a week or two.

      I am always available to you. Pay it forward, but I wish I had known what I know now prior to having my chest cut open. You are lucky to be doing this at 35..

      My email is wholefed@gmail.com, email me with questions, comments etc… My wife was just certified Plant Based through Cornell Univ. so she has a lot of the nutritional facts, recipes, replacement products.

      Go get em. Ian

  6. Please introduce yourself next time we are in class, I would enjoy hearing your story face to face.

    Initially, I would watch Forks Over Knives. Then read Dr. Esselstyn, he really lays out the benefits of dropping animal protein and fat. The China Study provides the science and is the core study done over 20 years on 600,000+ people. I look forward to meeting you. Ian

    • So happy I found this. Not even sure how? I need your help, have not eaten animal products in almost 8 years, BUT….. I do eat the occasional shrimp dish when out dining, I thought if Jesus fed fish to his followers it would be ok for me to eat.
      I am still in need of dropping unhealthy weight and hope that your guidance will show me the way.

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge, God Bless

      • Jeani,

        I will stay away from religion. I have researched how we are taught to have compassion for every living thing yet we kill 1.4 million animals today for food….

        I am glad to help and can point you in the right direction but bear in mind, I am a simple blogger!

        I am curious how you have “unhealthy weight” issues on a plant based diet. What are the contributing culprits? If you want to email me directly, wholefed@gmail.com

        Best, Ian

  7. Hey Ian….are you still blogging? Have not finished checking out all of your site but the last date here indicates fall of 2013. Hope you are well and still providing the info and encouragement i HAVE seen in the bits of your blog so far. You seem to be a friend on the journey WITH us, not someone just telling us what to do…..Thanks!

    • Joyce,

      I am doing great. Honestly, I am enjoying being a new father! My plant based diet is set in stone and really dont think twice about it anymore. Mentally I have kind of moved on to this amazingly complex child I have… much more fun than beans and salads.

      Thank you for checking in. I will touch base on site soon.


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