8 thoughts on “Contact Information”

  1. Hello,

    very interesting and well written, your blog ‘we are what we eat’ as well as the Time Mag article ‘Feeding the Planet Without Destroying It’. Thank you.

    Bittman and you are doing a lot to change the beliefs and attitude of the millions of readers of these trustworthy media.

    When you explain why there is such a weak 3% caloric efficiency of meat, you compare it with the 32 lbs of corn, I imagine. Another way to see it, is to compare the piece of meat with 400 lbs of appels and potatoes for instance, which can be grown on the strip of land, where the grains was grown.

    It would be very instructive to study these ratios thoroughly and make them available to a broad public, don’t you think ? I guess the caloric ratio of 1 lb meat versus 400 lbs apples/potatoes is 1 to 300 or 0,3 % another factor of ten gained in comparison to grains ! Of course this is simplistic and has to be further studied (maybe has already, if you know of such studies, please let me know).

    Cordial greetings from France
    Helmut Genetzkow

    see also: http://hgenet.page.tl/Ratio-of-1-to-200.htm

  2. George Frowert said:

    Ian: Great site! I have been Esseltyn Plant Based for 2 years now after a bad Calicum Score. Dr. E. called me back as well. He probably has saved my life. TC: 81! Love hearing your stories, makes me feel like I am not the only one doing this.

    • George,

      That is great. Dr E is great. I sent an email to I’m on Friday regarding an article on Lp(a), he called me back 15 mins later. Amazing. The best advice I ever received was free. Thanks for signing up on WholeFed. I will write again soon, just finishing up my book.


  3. Nick Roppolo said:

    I am really enjoying your blog. You are beginning to turn my tide on the fuel I’m buying. Hope I can see you someday.


  4. Larry Ward said:

    Aloha Ian! I am proud of you and hope all is well. Sharing your knowledge and personal experience will inspire positive change. That type of first hand experience cannot be denied. The paradigm shift in health is happening thanks to people like you. By doing something you believe in and know is true will lead to great things…keep it going!!

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